Stories are all around us.
I love to discover the story behind a person, a place, an idea or a brand.
And I bring that story to life through storytelling, writing, design and illustration.
Whether it’s spending time with young women to learn about their needs, and translating those needs into new brand concepts for Coca-Cola (which culminated in Dasani bottled water)...
Or creating an alphabet book using road signs (hailed “Genius!” by Wired) based on my research on infant color perception...
Or capturing the essence of one American city on each spread of a picture book (hailed a “paean to life in the US” by Publishers Weekly)...
I create honest and timeless stories.

I am an award-winning Author, Illustrator and Designer of more than 15 picture books, translated into five languages and published in more than ten countries.
Former jobs include Creative Director, New Brand Innovator and Brand Marketer for The Coca-Cola Company, both in Europe and globally.
I understand new product development, design innovation and branding, and I have experience translating ideas, trends and ethnographic studies into new brand concepts and design innovations.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my Dutchman Peter and son Max.