Book with a view

Is San Francisco beautiful? Yes. Is the view from the De Young Museum’s Observation Tower one of the most beautiful views in the city? YES YES YES!

So guess who was up in the sky last Friday doing her Backseat A-B-See book presentation for a bunch of kids?

This easily qualifies as the most beautiful book talk location in the history of book making. At least until pal Jim Averbeck launches his brilliant novel Hitch at the Fairmount Hotel (this serves as a not-so-subtle hint).

So Friday was spent with my head in the clouds, where Saturday was ruled by both Mickey Mouse and Maurice Sendak. I was invited to be on a panel with Jim Averbeck, Lisa Brown, Ashley Wolff and Christy Hale, moderated by Julie Downing at the Disney Family Museum.

We talked about how he influenced our work. It was a blast, and I learned so much about both the man and about my brilliant pals. And I laughed my face off when Lisa talked about the cartoon she created based on an old Jewish song called Mayshaleh and Chayaleh, which I cannot stop saying. Mayshaleh and Chayaleh…Mayshaleh and Chayaleh…Mayshaleh and Chayaleh…

Oh, and the Disney Museum is cool! Go check it out!