Backseat A-B-See

So I love traffic signs. They are bossy little divas- they tell us what to do, looking fabulous allthewhile! No wonder they are so handsome; many of them were designed by a group of AIGA  graphic designers, headed by the amazing Seymour Chwast.

When Max was about a year old, he started pointing at stop signs and do not enter signs. Not sure if it was his urge to break rules (quite possible) or strong sense of design, but I immediately had visions of the two of us bonding over pretty things. I set out to find him a book about traffic signs. Not the kind that teaches kids what the signs mean, but the kind that celebrates traffic signs in all their glory. I went to my local independent bookstore and scoured Amazon, but came up empty handed.

So what does a self-respecting children’s book maker do when she can’t find a book she wants? Precisely. She eats a pint of chocolate ice-cream and pouts like a diva who missed first dibs on a limited edition pair of Christian Louboutins.

But…despair not. Once I came down from my sugar high, I figured there was no other solution than to make that book myself.

And as turns out, my little dude and I aren’t they only ones who dig traffic signs! Fabulous Chronicle Books thinks they’re pretty cool too and offered to publish the book. Spring 2012. It may actually even be out before Max outgrows this phase

It will definitely be out before I outgrow this phase.

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