Boom Books

I’m one of those book design junkies who will buy a beautifully designed (or illustrated) book even if the story inside is so-so. I will also NOT buy a great story if the book that holds it is badly designed. I’ve written about my love for book design before. When I was in Holland a … Continue reading Boom Books

Book with a view

Is San Francisco beautiful? Yes. Is the view from the De Young Museum’s Observation Tower one of the most beautiful views in the city? YES YES YES! So guess who was up in the sky last Friday doing her Backseat A-B-See book presentation for a bunch of kids? This easily qualifies as the most beautiful … Continue reading Book with a view

Where to start?

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to update my blog more. Since I’m already wearing flip-flops and my last post was uh…almost a year ago, I better get on it. My excuses? I could say that I ran a marathon (not), that I finally read that stack New Yorker back issues (nope) or that … Continue reading Where to start?


What do you think is the most ubiquitous design in the world? My money is on this design: If Roger Cook and Don Shanosky received a royalty every time the design was used, they could afford a gold plated, temperature-controlled commode that played Beethoven’s Ninth every time they sat on it. But they don’t, and … Continue reading A-B-WC

Come Fly With Me!

When I was in Holland, I stumbled across a vintage enamel KLM sign in a shop in Amsterdam. I am a sucker for vintage airline stuff: posters, graphics, fashion, interiors, suitcases. It’s all so beautiful. Flying used to be chic. A grand experience. My grandmother wore her best <GASP> fur coat when my grandparents flew … Continue reading Come Fly With Me!

Saul Bass

Today is the book birthday of Backseat ABSee, my new book with Chronicle. This book was the first one I did in Adobe Illustrator, and it sparked a completely new style for me. It helps me create bold shapes, high contrast, stylized characters and vector graphics that can be scaled up and down without losing … Continue reading Saul Bass

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